75+ Ways to Wish Someone Good Luck

75+ Ways to Wish Good Luck
September 18, 2023
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When someone you care about is set to begin something new, it can be hard finding the right way to wish them luck. What do you say when a simple "good luck" just won't do? To help you find the perfect words to wish your loved ones good luck on their next venture or life event, our writers here at Styiens have created this simple guide for all types of good luck wishes, complete with examples to give you inspiration and get those creative juices flowing!

How to Wish Someone Good Luck

Wishing someone good luck is a great way to show your support and care for them as they embark on their next venture. Whether it's a friend, family member, or colleague who's anxious about the future, a simple wish of good luck can go a long way towards making them feel appreciated and valued. While the classic “good luck” can be a great way to succinctly express your support, there are a variety of other ways to wish someone luck that show you've put some extra thought and care into your good luck wish. Ready to put together your own special good luck message for your loved one? Check out these creative and original ways of wishing someone good luck!

Funny ways to wish good luck

Funny and Humorous Ways to Say Good Luck

Keeping it lighthearted is a good approach to many things in life, particularly so when you want to wish someone good luck. A perfect way to lessen their apprehension while wishing them good luck, humorous good luck wishes accomplish much more than a simple "good luck" ever could. If you think humorous message is could be the right way to wish your loved one good luck, check out these funny wish ideas to help you express your support in a lighthearted way:

  • Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  • You can do it! Break a leg!
  • Wishing you good luck, and may the force be with you!
  • Good luck! Remember, you don't have to be good, just better than the competition.
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world, and then some – but not because I think you'll need it!
  • Knock 'em dead (not literally though)!
  • Sending you good vibes for good luck.
  • Good luck! I'm not worried, you've always been smarter than you look.
  • Wishing you a lucky day! Go get 'em!
  • May your success be as vast as the sea, and may your failures be as few as the fish you're able to catch!
  • Call upon that 1/16th of Irish heritage you have and claim your share of that famous Irish luck – it should be just enough to get you through this one!
  • May luck be on your side, and may it stick with you through thick and thin, unlike me.

Heartfelt ways to wish good luck

Heartfelt Ways to Wish Good Luck

Sometimes, a funny wish is not the way to go. Instead, you might want to opt for a heartfelt approach to wishing good luck to your loved one on their upcoming venture. Whether it be something serious like a medical procedure, something anxiety-inducing like college acceptance exams, or anything else that requires a more delicate and tender approach, heartfelt wishes are the perfect way to wish them good luck, show your support, and remind them that they're in your heart and in your thoughts. Sound like the right approach for you, but you're not sure how to wish someone good luck in a heartfelt way? Take a look at these examples to give you some ideas and inspiration.

  • Wishing you courage, strength, and all the luck in the world. You got this!
  • I'm sending you all the positive thoughts and good vibes, and wishing you the very best of luck.
  • May you have all the luck in the world, and may it bring you success, joy, and happiness. You deserve it!
  • I'm sending you all the lucky vibes I have, and hoping they bring you success and joy. There's no one who deserves it more than you.
  • May luck be on your side, and may you come out on the other side stronger than ever. I know you can do this!
  • Wishing you the very best of luck and sending you lots of positive energy. Remember that you're always in my thoughts.
  • Good luck! I'm sending you lots of positive vibes, and hoping that they bring you good luck and plenty of success.
  • May you have luck and fortune on your side, and may you have a successful and rewarding journey.
  • Wishing you good luck! May fortune always smile upon you, and may luck always be on your side.
  • I'm sending you lots of positive energy, and wishing you luck and success on your journey. You're going to be great, I know it.

Sweet good luck wishes

Short and Sweet Good Luck Messages

When wishing someone good luck, sometimes a short and sweet message is the best way to go. Not too lighthearted and not too heavy, short and sweet good luck wishes show that you've put in the effort while still keeping the sentiment simple and brief. Ideal for wishing someone good luck on a test, job interview, or presentation, short wishes get your point across successfully while avoiding any added anxiety that can sometimes result from lengthier and heavier wishes of good luck. Want to go with a short and sweet good luck message? Check out these ten short and sweet messages that you can use as-is, or for inspiration when writing your very own good luck wish for your loved one.

  • Wishing you the best of luck!
  • Lots of luck, you got this!
  • All the luck in the world, and then some!
  • Fingers (and toes!) crossed for you!
  • Wishing you success and good luck!
  • Good luck to you! You'll do great!
  • Sending you lots of love and lots of luck!
  • Best of luck, I'm rooting for you!
  • Wishing you all the best – you got this!
  • Wishing you luck and success on this journey!

Creative ways to wish good luck

Unique and Creative Ways to Wish Someone Good Luck

Want your good luck message to break out of the usual mold? If you're the type who likes to think out of the box and are looking for a creative and unique way to wish someone good luck, we've got you covered. Complete with flowery metaphors and warm wishes of good luck, check out these ten creative good luck wishes to inspire you and help you find the perfect words for your own one-of-a-kind wish.

  • May your success be as vast as the stars, and your failures be as few and far between as the galaxies!
  • Call upon those Irish genes, it's time to cash out your share of the luck of the Irish! May it bring you success and joy, and may there always be gold for you at the end of every rainbow!
  • As the saying goes, you make your own luck, and I'm sure you'll do a great job. Wishing you a lucky day, and may fortune be on your side!
  • Good luck! May lady luck always be on your side, and may she bring you good fortune, plenty of success, and much happiness.
  • Wishing you all the luck in the world! May it bring you success and joy, and may you always achieve the things you set out to accomplish.
  • Wishing you courage, strength, and lots of luck!
  • Good luck! May your luck be as vast as the ocean, and your successes as plentiful and consistent as the waves.
  • Wishing you the best of luck, and may this venture bring you plenty of success and lots of joy.
  • I believe you make your own luck, which is why I'm confident you'll be great. Remember that I'm always here, rooting for you from the sidelines.
  • May fortune forever be in your favor, and may luck always lead you on the path to success.

Other ways to say good luck

What to Say Instead of Good Luck

At times, the words "good luck" themselves may not be suitable for the occasion. You may find yourself wanting to avoid them if you feel like they could be perceived as trivializing your recipient's efforts, or if they elicit connotations of pure chance in situations where that's not your intention. If you're looking for a unique way to wish someone good luck without explicitly saying those words, there are plenty of alternatives to the classic “good luck” at your disposal. Here are ten ideas to help you find the perfect words while avoiding the phrase "good luck" altogether.

  • Wishing you courage, strength, and success. I believe in you!
  • Here's to your success! You're going to nail it, I promise.
  • I'm sending you good vibes and good thoughts to remind you that you can do it!
  • I'm sending you positive energy, and I'm confident that's all you really need. You got this!
  • May you have a successful and rewarding journey. I know you'll be great, and I just want to make sure you do, too.
  • Sending my warmest wishes and good vibes… you'll be great, and I can't wait to hear how it went.
  • May fortune be on your side, and may you succeed in all your endeavors.
  • Fingers crossed for a good outcome! I have faith in you, and I know you'll be alright.
  • Wishing you lots of success and all the best. I believe in you!
  • You got this! Wishing you the very best, and sending all my best wishes your way.

Religious good luck wishes

Religious Messages for Wishing Someone Good Luck

For some people, it's less a matter of "good luck" than it is a matter of faith. If you're looking for a perfect way to wish good luck to the more spiritual people in your life, these religious good luck messages are sure to uplift spirits and open hearts. Check out these examples of religious good luck wishes, and use them as inspiration for your own message.

  • May God bless you with luck and success, and guide you through this challenge.
  • May God be with you in your endeavors, and may your every endeavor be blessed by Him.
  • May you always be in His good graces, and may He bless you with success. Godspeed!
  • Wishing you courage, strength, and God's blessing. May you never lose sight of His light.
  • May God grant you success and joy, and may He always guide you to make the right decision.
  • May God's grace be with you and keep you safe on every endeavor.
  • May the Lord grant you success and joy, and may His guidance always be the compass by which you find your way.
  • May the Lord be with you every step of your journey. Follow His light, and you will never be lost.
  • May you be blessed by the Lord, may you succeed in this venture, and may you never lose sight of your faith and His light.
  • May the Lord guide you, grant you guidance, and give you success.
  • May the Lord's favor be upon you, and may you always achieve your goals.

How to Write a Special Good Luck Message

For the uniquely special people in your life for whom a simple good luck message just isn't enough, you'll want to spend a moment or two writing them a fully personalized good luck message. This is a good idea if you’re very close with the recipient, if the good luck wish is for a major life change or milestone, if you're offering support and encouragement for someone going through a challenging time, or if you simply feel like the event or life change warrants more than a simple good luck wish.

In this section, we've laid out a few rules of thumb to help guide you as you write your special good luck message. You don't have to include these in the same order, and if you feel like there is a section that is not relevant feel free to omit it from your message; this is simply intended to help you form a genuine, heartfelt message of good luck that's 100% unique and entirely yours.

Express Your Support

Your good luck message should begin by expressing your support and appreciation for the person you're writing to. This will depend on what you're wishing them good luck for, of course. If you're wishing them good luck on an exam or presentation, for instance, you can say how much you believe in them and that you're sure they'll do well; if you're wishing them good luck on something more serious like a medical procedure, you could express support by reminding them that you're there to help with anything they need. Remember to let them know that you care, and emphasize how much you value them and the relationship you have with them.

Show Your Appreciation

It's important to show your appreciation not just for the person, but for the effort they are making. Let them know that you understand the challenge they are facing or the importance of the goal they're working towards, and that you deeply appreciate the effort they are putting into it. Recognition of their efforts can go a long way towards building their confidence, imparts a sense of worth, and gives them a strengthened sense of control over the outcome. Appreciation can be in the form of acknowledging how hard they've studied for a test, for example, or recognizing how long they've worked on a project.

Remind Them How Much You Believe in Them

Knowing someone believes in you can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence, especially when you're faced with a challenge. That's why it's so important to let your recipient know that you believe in them and their ability to succeed and to overcome challenges. Take care not to oversell it, of course, as this may come across as superfluous and less-than-genuine. Simply speak from the heart, and tie it into the recipient's positive personality traits, qualities, and past achievements wherever you can. You could say you know they'll give a great presentation because they're a hard worker, for example, and remind them how their previous presentation was a success.

Acknowledge the Challenges They're Facing

Words of encouragement are important, but it's equally important to ensure that your recipient knows their feelings of anxiousness and apprehension are normal, natural, and valid. No matter what challenge they're up against or what goal they've set out to achieve, taking a moment to acknowledge the challenges they're facing – and their feelings surrounding these challenges – is incredibly important. It shows that you understand what they're going through, gives you an opportunity to empathize, and shows that you appreciate the hard work that they've put into attaining their goals and overcoming hurdles along the way.

Let Them Know You Are Cheering Them On

You may not have any material ways to be helpful, but simply letting them know you're in their corner is a great morale-booster and a wonderful way to show your support. This is a great touch to include no matter the occasion, as it's applicable to practically every scenario. Tell them you're rooting for them, that you support them every step of the way, and that you wish them the very best of luck.

Share an Encouraging Relevant Anecdote

If you can, take this opportunity to bring up a relevant throwback moment that can inspire an extra bit of confidence in your recipient. It could be a reminder of the last time they went through something similar or were faced with a similar challenge, with emphasis on how well they handled the situation in the past. If there were flops, don't mention them, even in the context of constructive feedback – they serve no purpose in a good luck message, and can even give your recipient the jitters ahead of their big event.

Express your Sincere Well-Wishes

Sign off by expressing your sincere and heartfelt good wishes for your recipient, in their upcoming venture or challenge and in a broader sense. You can take this chance to reiterate that you are rooting for them, and once again tell them how much you believe in them. Finally, wish them good luck – they'll definitely know how much you mean it!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know When Writing a Good Luck Message

Still not sure what to write in your good luck message? Check out these commonly asked questions to help you find the perfect words to express your best wishes, show your support, and simply say "good luck" to your loved ones!

Q: What are some good ways to wish someone good luck?

When wishing someone good luck, it’s important to make sure that your message is sincere and meaningful. A simple “good luck” is always appreciated, but it’s more meaningful if you can include a personal touch in your message. You could do this by showing appreciation for the effort they've put in working towards their goal, emphasizing their strengths, or expressing your faith in them and their abilities. This will show your recipient that you've taken a moment to really think about them, and that, in and of itself, can inspire a lot of confidence. If you’re strapped for ideas and having trouble coming up with a good luck message, take a look at our selection of good luck messages here at Styiens to find a variety of messages and inspiration to get you started!

Q: How do I express my best wishes without saying "good luck"?

Sometimes, when wishing someone good luck, you may not always want to use the words "good luck". There are many reasons you may want to avoid the phrase; just saying “good luck” can be too generic (and generic wishes often don’t show that you’re truly invested in the recipient’s success), or it can give off a sense that everything is up to chance, thus inadvertently invalidating the recipient's hard work and efforts.

If you’re looking for something more original and meaningful than simply "good luck", there are plenty of other ways to express your best wishes. Consider saying something like "I wish you all the success in the world! ", "I am rooting for you with all my heart!", or "I know you will do amazing!". These messages show that you’re not just wishing someone good luck, but that you truly believe in them and their endeavors.

Q: What do you write in a good luck message?

When writing a good luck message, you want to ensure that you’re expressing your best wishes in a genuine and meaningful way. Take a moment to consider what you're wishing them good luck for, as this will help you determine what the tone and content of your good luck message should be. Wishing someone undergoing surgery good luck is one thing, while wishing someone about to take college entry exams good luck is something else entirely! Try to think what you would like to hear if you were in their position – is it words of encouragement? Is it affirmation? Is it recognition and validation of your concerns? Ultimately, no matter what you write, your message is sure to be well-received if it is sincere, genuine, and comes from the heart.

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