290+ Retirement Wishes Sayings and Messages

Retirement Wishes
Featuring the best retirement wishes and greetings

Here at Styiens, we’ve put together an assortment of retirement wishes for you. Retirement is an exciting time that brings about big changes, and a few thoughtful words can go a long way to easing the anxiety that surrounds this uncertain time. From lighthearted sayings to heartfelt wishes, browse through our selection and take a few moments to show how much you care. We have retirement wishes and saying for retiring colleagues, family members, friends, employees, and more. All of our retirement wishes have been written by our experts, and have been carefully curated and organized into an easy to use database of retirement messages. Every wish here is sure to put a smile on a retiree’s face!

Retirement Wishes

What’s the best way to wish someone a good retirement?

When sending a card to someone who is retiring, the most important thing is to let that person know that you are happy for them. Retirement can be an uncertain time, and a few positive words of encouragement will go a long way towards making this transition a little easier! Make sure to wish them well in their retirement, and if you know the person well, you can even let them know how much you will miss them or how much you look forward to seeing them in retirement. The exact message of your card depends on how well you know the person, but the sentiment should always remain the same – you’re happy for them, and wish them all the best in retirement. You don't need to spend too much time writing, or put together anything too long-winded. Just try to let them know that you will miss seeing them around, and that you are happy to see that their hard work has paid off. Be sincere, and your message will be well received! If you’d like some help getting started, or if you’re still not sure what to say, check out our retirement wishes for some inspiration!

What should I write on a card for someone who’s retiring?

A retirement card is a nice way to show a friend or coworker how much you valued working with them, how much they’re appreciated, and how much they'll be missed after they’ve headed off to retirement. Always remember to keep your message positive by focusing on the good times you’ve had working together. You can include personal anecdotes or funny memories you’ve shared while working together, for example. The best messages are personal, after all, and everyone likes to know that they’ll be remembered fondly. If you don't have any specific memories or don’t know the person well, don't worry! Simply mention how much you appreciated and valued your time working together, and wish them the best for the future. If you're struggling to come up with a retirement message, take a look at our retirement wishes section here at Styiens and browse our selection of retirement messages to get started!

What’s the best way to congratulate someone on retiring?

There is no better way to congratulate someone on their retirement than by sending them a nice card with a short retirement wish inside. Showing your appreciation and congratulating someone on their retirement is a great way to make sure they feel valued as they head off for their new chapter of retired life. There are many ways you can congratulate someone on their retirement: you can tell them that you are happy for them and that you are looking forward to seeing them around in the future, or, if you’re not very close, you can simply wish them a happy and fulfilling retirement. It’s always a good idea to congratulate them on how much they have accomplished, and to tell them how much you’ve enjoyed your time working together.

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