35+ Nice Birthday Wishes and Messages

Nice Birthday Wishes
Nice Happy Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Messages

Birthdays are such happy occasions, filled with happiness and cheer, but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words for the occasion. If you’re looking for nice birthday wishes to jot down on a card then look no further than Styiens! Our writers worked tirelessly to put together a huge selection of nice birthday messages, perfect for you to use no matter whose birthday you’re celebrating. Use our happy birthday messages as they are, or build upon them to create your very own personalized happy birthday wish. No matter how you choose to use them, each one of our happy birthday messages here at Styiens is guaranteed to be a hit!

Nice Birthday Wishes

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings

  1. May your birthday be filled with a million sweet little things, happy little moments, and enough presents to fill the biggest room! Happy birthday!
  2. May this day bring you lots of love, and may your future be as bright as these candles and as sweet as this cake! Savor every bite and every bit – happy birthday!
  3. Sending you good vibes, smiles, and lots of love to fill every minute of your special day! Have an amazing birthday!
  4. Sending extra hugs and kisses on this special day, and wishing you a most happy birthday!
  5. Today is your day, the day where your only responsibility is to have fun and make memories. Take full advantage, and have a very happy birthday!
  6. May all your wildest dreams and heartfelt wishes come true this year, and may they be better than you ever imagined they could be. Happy birthday to you!
  7. Happy birthday to my hilarious and awesome friend! Here's to another year of laughing at our stupid inside jokes and keeping each other sane. Love you to bits – happy birthday!
  8. Happy birthday to a person so sweet, they'd put any birthday cake to shame. Love you to bits!
  9. Heads up! Sending you good vibes and endless wishes on your special day. Happy birthday!
  10. To the person with the biggest heart in the world I wish a very happy birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true this year, and may this birthday be even better than the last!
  11. Happy birthday, my dear! Love you to the moon and back, and wishing you a most wonderful year ahead!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for a Loved One

  1. With you by my side, there is no road too long, no mountain too high, no sea too rough. I love you so much, and can't wait to spend many more years by your side. Happy birthday, baby.
  2. Each morning I wake up and count my blessings, but the first one I count is always you. To the ray of sunshine in my life, no matter how stormy or gray it may seem – happy birthday!
  3. I hope I can make this day even half as amazing and lovely as you. Happy birthday, my love, and may every wish in your heart come true!
  4. You are the kindest, gentlest, most beautiful soul I've ever known. Every day with you is a blessing. To the one person who always has a piece of my heart – happy birthday.
  5. Think about the year that has passed – reminisce about the good, learn from the bad – and use these reflections to guide you into an even better year ahead. For all the memories made, and all those waiting to be made, for everything we built and all our future holds – I love you, and wish you a most happy birthday my love.
  6. Happy birthday to the one person who's always there beside me, and the only person I will never get tired of being around. To many more years of you, of us, and of happiness together.
  7. Every day I wake up with you by my side is like the best birthday ever, like a wish come true, like receiving the most perfect present in the world. I hope that today I get to give you a little bit of that joy. Happy birthday, my love.
  8. I wish you a day as radiant as your smile, as beautiful as your eyes, and as lovely as your soul. Happy birthday to my beautiful love!
  9. On this anniversary of you, I want you to know how uniquely special you are to me. Happy birthday, my love!
  10. Just in case you haven't heard it in a while, or maybe you've forgotten, I'll take this day to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday, my love!
  11. To the wo/man of my dreams, the love of my life, the one person who puts a smile on my face no matter what's going on, I wish a most happy birthday! I love you so much.

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Beautiful  Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings

  1. Wishing you nothing but the best this coming year, with many happy moments and special memories to be made. To a very special person – happy birthday!
  2. Let's celebrate another year of you being awesome, and make some lifelong memories doing it. Happy birthday!
  3. It's not the number of candles on the cake that matters, it's the warmth and light they give. Each candle represents a year of life, a year of love, and a year of happiness. On this day, I wish you many more such years to come. Happy birthday!
  4. May this birthday be filled with happy moments you'll remember for a lifetime. Wishing you a wonderful day to start an even better year – happy birthday!
  5. On this birthday I wish you many more years of happiness and good health. A very happy birthday to you, and to many more!
  6. This birthday is one more milestone on the amazing journey of life. Cherish it and the year that it brings, and may you be blessed with many more milestones along this journey.
  7. May you get everything your heart desires, big or small, and may all your dreams become reality. You deserve it, after all, because that's what you've done for me. Happy birthday, my love.
  8. Here's to the best birthday yet! To a day filled with adventure, fun, and laughter, that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday to the birthday queen/king! Enjoy it to the fullest and make every moment count because today is your day!
  10. Sending you a million birthday hugs and kisses, wrapped up with all the best birthday wishes. To someone so near and dear to my heart – happy birthday, sweetheart!
  11. Of all the birthday wishes in the world, the best I can wish is for you to have a birthday as beautiful and filled with love as you are. Happy birthday, my love.

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Short Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages

  1. I'm so happy that I get to share this special day with you today. Happy Birthday!
  2. Wishing you a very special birthday and a great year to come!
  3. I hope your birthday will be full of sunshine and rainbows and joy and happiness! Sending you lots of good wishes and happy vibes on your special day.
  4. Wishing you the happiest birthday! Enjoy your special day.
  5. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet!
  6. I wish you a day filled with fun and a year filled with true happiness!
  7. Wishing you a happy birthday! May all of your dreams come true.
  8. Just making sure that you know how awesome you are. Happy birthday to you!
  9. Happy birthday to you! This day comes just once a year, so make the most of it!
  10. Happy birthday to my absolute best friend, and may it be one to remember!
  11. Happy birthday to a great friend. Let's party!
  12. Wishing you a very happy birthday, filled with endless love and laughter.

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